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Being a photographer and self-describing is not something so simple. I am always behind the lens describing a story, making the moments of life resting not only in memory, but also in a personal record to which only time will give you the true value.

I am a husband and father and these roles are the most important to my life, in particular. I think that doing what you are passionate about is not considered a job, because I enjoy the shared moments of celebration and the plethora of emotions that happen at every event. I am privileged to do what I enjoy everyday and to be chosen to capture moments so  fascinating and precious.

I started working at a photo studio as a lab worker. Shortly after, the art of photography inspired me. It made me see that everything in life depends on the perspective with which you look. Photography is an art and everything has its tendencies; it is subjective, audacious, sublime, dramatic, and fun. In that click of a micro-moment these sensations can be merged into a frozen and unforgettable moment.

Personally, the ability to photograph a life event is to create a story from another perspective. This gives the individuals the opportunity to truly reminisce and equally experience the memory as if it were new again; it is to go beyond what everyone perceives.

I am actively researching new world trends to offer a richer experience for my customers with my own style and optics. I create a living documentary that is unique and personable to your special day.

“One of the most important things when interviewing couples who wish for me to participate in their union is the connection. It is important to be on the same wave-length for a flow of good vibrations for a high quality photographed event. This is what photography is all about for me; going beyond a simple job and sharing spectacular emotions and moments with people who are wiling to let me capture them.